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The Loves of De Zeven

Posted on Fri February 14, 2020 in Stay at De Zeven.

During February the world talks about love more than usual; and we thought it an opportune time to reflect on what our guests - and we - love most about our hidden gem in the Banhoek Valley. De Zeven Guest Lodge is a place of passion and love, where our hearts collide with nature and opportunity. If you haven't visited yet, we hope you will soon as we embark on this never ending journey of discovery.

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De Zeven: Framed by Banhoek

Posted on Mon January 20, 2020.

It is no secret that we are absolutely and completely enthralled by the Banhoek Valley, home to De Zeven Guest Lodge. With a rich and colourful history - and a "cooler than Stellenbosch" climate - this area is producing its own distinguished wines and offering an off-the-beaten-track experience to inquisitive travellers.

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De Zeven Then And Now: Looking Back at Our Year of Growth

Posted on Tue December 10, 2019 in Banhoek Valley.

Richard Holmes recently wrote an article about De Zeven for the distinguished Stellenbosch Visio Magazine and it got us thinking about the changes we've seen in the first year of De Zeven, especially in the expansion of our garden. We dug around in the archives and discovered a few pictures from when we started and compared it to where we are today.

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Shades of Sunrises at De Zeven

Posted on Mon November 18, 2019 in Banhoek Valley.

Sunrises carry a certain mystery; the promise of new beginnings and clean slates. At De Zeven we have the privilege of witnessing exquisite sunrises, whether the weather is warm and clear or cool and unpredictable. We recently captured a few snaps of the sun breaking over the Banhoek valley on a crisp spring morning and it inspired us to investigate sunrises a little deeper.

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