A Symbol of Hope When We Need It Most

Posted on Sun April 19, 2020.

The Stellenbosch and Franschhoek vineyards are turning into captivating shades of red signalling the time to move away from the crisp Sauvignon Blancs and open a bottle of Merlot instead. This change of season brings with it long weekends. They would usually entice us with promises of relaxation with family and friends who we have neglected, and suspend the demands of life just for a bit.

Days would gradually hint at the changing of seasons, offering us sunsets that crept in earlier, which no camera could ever capture the way our eyes did. Yet it’s finally Easter all over again. While this would usually summon the beginning of new life in the Northern Hemisphere, in South Africa, it would be a reminder that our time to go into hibernation is coming. Yet, this year the reminder is not so gentle. 

Turning Inwards

We’re not sure just how long we will be in hibernation for, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t appreciate it. We realise that we cannot actually hibernate, but in these colder months of the year, we are drawn to something similar. De Zeven offers the perfect winter hideaway spot with luxury, private suites and comforting open yet intimate spaces. However, we know that time spent with us is not possible this year-round. Yet that doesn’t mean you can’t turn your own home into a place where you can dream and contemplate, turning inwards to reflect on life outwards.  


We sometimes wonder if perhaps this - albeit necessary - ‘hibernation’ is a blessing. It will give us the ability to appreciate our precious time spent with loved ones, and to look for the beauty around us, outside our home windows, on our drives to the shops, and to be actively involved in small acts of kindness shown to strangers. At De Zeven, it’s easy to find beauty when surrounded by majestic mountains, covered in trails offering different perspectives of the Banhoek Valley. Still, we too sometimes take for granted this magical place we get to call home. We’ve promised ourselves that once this is over, we will be far more appreciative of every morning, every sunset, and waking up to ever-changing views. 


While we promise to look after our piece of heaven just for you, we look forward to welcoming you back with fresh eyes so that you can see the Banhoek Valley like never before. As Marcel Proust eloquently says, “the real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new lands, but seeing with new eyes” - something we have all learnt to do.