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See De Zeven With New Eyes

Posted on Tue May 19, 2020.

The last few months have made us appreciate more than we could ever have imagined, for no longer will we spend this year's winter months surrounded by guests as they make unforgettable memories. No longer will we casually go for a hike and look down at De Zeven from new heights, and no longer will we hear the sounds of wine glasses and "cheers" and the aroma of freshly brewed coffee permeating through our lodge. Times have changed, and while this time indoors is temporary, it has shaped a new way of thinking amongst us all as we learn to appreciate the simple moments in life.

Live Slow

We have realised that we need to live slower, be in the moment - but really be in the moment - taking in all its intricacies, details, colours, and not constantly thinking about "what's next". Life is a sensory experience, and our senses need a re-awakening filled with experiences that challenge them, and take them on a journey like never before. Our senses deserve to be appreciated more and given centre stage to explore their surroundings. We don't need to look overseas or to an exotic island with piña colada's on tap for a sensory holiday. No. We need to rediscover the beauty of our very own country which has it all and so much more - it's lekker

The Best Place Is Home

There's just nothing quite like home, and it's time we all revisit 'home' and give her some much-needed love and attention. When we welcome you back to De Zeven - rest assured it will be just now - we encourage you to see the Banhoek Valley like never before. Experience her beauty from more than just your suite's private balcony, or the comfort of our open space living with panoramic views. Taste the valley's sumptuous wines on offer that rivals some of the best in the world. Walk through her vineyards, see her from new heights, and taste her excellence at one of the many fine establishments surrounding De Zeven. 

Sensory Journey

The best way we know how to guarantee this sensory experience is to present you with our latest Staycation Winelands Voucher offer. It gives you all of the above and more, taking you on a sensory journey, popular with people from all over the world, yet relatively undiscovered by locals - making it the perfect place to visit once this ends. 

Time Is Not Lost

You may have missed out on birthdays, anniversaries and celebrations with family and friends, but that doesn't mean you have to skip a year. Postpone and give them the gift of travel with our Winelands Staycation Voucher. You'll be giving more than just a holiday; you'll be gifting hope and giving someone something to dream and get excited about when they need it most. For now, we are waiting to welcome you back and making sure that De Zeven is at her most beautiful for when you visit next.