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A Taste of Local at De Zeven

Posted on Thu July 23, 2020.

During a stay at De Zeven, you will experience luxury hospitality, but with a feeling of a home away from home. You will also see see plenty of local brands represented, giving you a taste of the Banhoek Valley while you are enjoying a slice of heaven, surrounded by beautiful mountain vistas and true local experiences.

To start off, we can all thank Queen Anne for making gin the popular drink it is today, and this month we’re raising a glass to our local gin distillers at Bartinney Tasting Shed, just a short walk from De Zeven through the vineyards.

Gin has come a long way since its days served in Buckingham Palace. It's now a highly fashionable drink not scoffed at by your single malt-sipping brethren - making it the perfect gift for fathers, friends, and family. We’re proud to have the local The Tempest Range stocked at De Zeven, and while you cannot taste it now, we can tell you a bit about it, giving you an idea of what to expect during your next stay with us.

The Tempest Gin

The Tempest Gin is named after a violent storm (tempest), and Cape Town definitely lives up to her name of The Cape of Storms. These storms bring snow to the highest peaks and shape the environment that grows the bountiful fynbos botanicals, sculpting The Tempest Gin's uniqueness. 

There are four variants in The Tempest Gin range, reflecting the signatures of all seasons. Most recently available are Autumn and Winter. The Autumn variant has bursts of citrus peel and woody, fragrant rosemary notes, making every sip smooth and sweet. On the other hand, the winter variant mirrors the Cape's winter rainfall, with hints of earthiness reminiscent of the wet soil and a distinct herbal note thanks to the combination of Citrus Buchu and Confetti bush botanicals.

If you’d like to support Bartinney during these times, order a bottle (or two) of The Tempest Gin to be delivered post-lockdown. You can find out more here.

Barker and Quin tonic

To get the exact taste of a G&T poured at De Zeven, be sure to add a Barker and Quin tonic, which not only tastes like the finest Indian tonic; it's also made locally in Paarl. This designer tonic was created by oenologist Hanneli vd Merwe and her long-time colleague and friend, Chris Wium.

Barker and Quin tonics use only the highest quality natural products from Africa, with its citrus flavours and spices created from distilled essences, and the quinine harvested from the bark of Cinchona trees in the Democratic Republic of Congo. All of these ingredients are then combined together with spring water from the Breede River in the Slanghoek Valley.

A shot of The Tempest Gin topped with a Barker and Quin tonic, promises an authentic taste of an African G&T for those looking to create a unique gourmet drinking experience. However, the De Zeven way to drink this would be in the privacy of your room, while admiring the Banhoek Valley in the comfort of your Made With Love robe.

Made With Love Clothing

Made With Love was established in 2010 by designer, Debbie-Lee Patterson. She was inspired to create a collection that's not all about following current trends, but rather her own expression of unique clothing for young women who love fashion. Her floral robes are exceptionally silky soft and will ease you into the holiday mood.

They also compliment your G&T and create moments that demand capturing and sharing – just be sure to tag us in your posts, as we love to see De Zeven through your eyes.