Our 6 New Year's Resolutions to You

Posted on Fri January 1, 2021.

Ah, it's that time when personal trainers are on speed dial, calendars are filled with post-it notes and inspirational quotes to help us get more organised. But let's face it. New Year's Resolutions show great intention; after all, it's the thought that counts, right? Yet in reality, we hardly ever keep them, and come February, we're back into the Valentine's chocolates and treats.

At De Zeven, we've decided that the best way to stick to our "New-Year-New-Me" pledges is to tell you all about them so that you can hold us accountable. While our resolutions involve fewer workouts and kale smoothies, they certainly are important. They promise to make your stay with us even more spectacular in 2021. 

1. Extend Poolside Happy Hour

Whether you're after a light island spritz, a margarita with a twist, or a bourbon drink that packs a punch, we want to offer cocktails that pair perfectly with our pool and unobstructed Banhoek Valley views. After all, no poolside afternoon (or morning) is complete without a fun cocktail in hand.

2. Add New Events to Our Schedule 

Hopefully, 2021 will bring back face-to-face interactions so that we can all say goodbye to Zoom calls and screen shares. At De Zeven, we're situated directly between two of the Winelands' most popular destinations, Stellenbosch and Franschhoek. Both of these towns are synonymous with food, wine, and cheese festivals, and we hope to be your accommodation of choice if these events go ahead in 2021. 

3. Reduce Single-Use Plastic 

We're saying "no" to the moments on the lips and lifetimes in the pits (landfills) by reducing our single-use plastic wherever and whenever possible. While we focus on luxury redefined by upcycling materials, furniture, and supporting local artisans wherever possible, we need to make a pledge to nature too. 

4. Help You Stick to Your Fitness Goals

We may not be a gym, but we are surrounded by the Banhoek Valley's finest hiking and mountain biking trails. Our 'personal trainers' are the hidden corners, inclines, and lookout points where you're always tempted to push further to get an even better vantage point or photo opportunity.

5. Drink Up The Gorgeous Views

If we can't get you out of bed and onto a hiking trail, maybe a no-sweat excursion will tickle your fancy? We have the most tempting - and convenient - of neighbours, as Bartinney's Tasting Shed is just a short walk from our parking area up through the vineyards. Here you can taste their delicious wines and Tempest Gin inspired by the seasons

6. Encourage More Mindfulness

With a view as captivating as the Banhoek Valley, there's no doubt that De Zeven is the place to be when you're looking for some TLC. After the year had, we want you to make 2021 the year of mindfulness. Whether it be practicing yoga, reading a book, enjoying a spa treatment overlooking the valley, or simply meditating on our deck, we want you to be present in every moment during your stay.