Benefits of Saunas after a Workout

Posted on Mon February 25, 2019 in Things to do at De Zeven.

Saunas have come a long way since they were first created in Northern Europe, being nothing more than large pits in the ground covered in animal hides, with a fire burning inside beneath a pile of stones.

These days, you can find saunas in most gyms and luxury spas, and the smell of hide and earth have luckily been replaced with sleek wooden seating and aromas of essential oils!

Stepping into a sauna after an intense workout or long day has impressive benefits.

When working out, our muscles form microscopic tears. These tears are normal but can lead to inflammation around the joints and muscle soreness. Once the tears have healed, the muscles get stronger! The soothing heat created in saunas speeds up the recovery process by increasing heart rate and blood circulation, bringing blood to the muscles that need it most.

This increase in blood circulation works wonders to cleanse your skin too, opening up the pores and allowing harmful toxins that we are exposed to daily, such as heavy metals or alcohol, to sweat out.

Athletes may want to perform sauna “sets”, alternating 10 minutes of sauna time with a quick dip in our magnificent infinity pool. This decreases and increases your heart rate, providing the same effect as interval training and can also assist in weight management.

On your next stay at De Zeven, whether it be for the Cape Argus Cycle Tour held in March, the Two Oceans Marathon in April, or simply for a weekend away, make sure to reap the health benefits of our sauna. You will leave feeling relaxed, cleansed and enjoy a good night’s sleep!