Nature and Art’s Parallels along the Stellenbosch Art Route at De Zeven

Posted on Mon November 2, 2020.

De Zeven is the perfect destination for those on an aesthetic voyage as we're situated along the prestigious Stellenboch art route. By integrating the natural beauty of the Banhoek mountains, with the artistic flair of inspirational paintings, we encourage you to explore your creative side during a stay with us.

At De Zeven, we’re committed to showcasing not only just the best of the Banhoek Valley but the best of the Stellenbosch art route. Throughout our open spaces and rooms, we feature masterpieces from the likes of local artists, Karen Wykerd, Elise MacDonald, and Liffey Joy. While you may recognise these names, join us in exploring the works and stories behind these famous faces.

Karen Wykerd

Stellenbosch Art Route

As a Johannesburg College of Art graduate, Karen Wykerd, fuses the colours of the sky with Cape Town’s city landscapes, creating some original impressionist paintings which can be found in Room 5. Wykerd finds inspiration through the surroundings of the vibrant city by documenting each and every detail with sketches and incredible colour schemes. The sharp geometric lines of the cityscape are juxtaposed with De Zeven’s softer hues and curves - especially noticeable when you look outside at the surrounding natural vistas.

Elisa MacDonald

Stellenbosch Art Route

The Pool Rooms at De Zeven greet you with the self-interpretive work of Elise MacDonald, who specialises in the merging of fantasy and realism. MacDonald allows her work to transform and expose itself, layer by layer, with her eccentric use of colour. The meticulous detail of the flowers and birds bring a sense of photographic vividness to the surreal tone of her paintings, which create a beautiful narrative as enigmatic as the natural charm encompassing the lodge.

Liffey Joy

Stellenbosch Art Route

Cape Town-based Liffey Joy’s monochromatic abstract works compliment Room 4 with their natural and metallic tones. Going back to her roots of experimentation, Joy paints with an absolute expression as she explores new ways of relating colours to materials like ink, acrylic, wine, potassium permanganate, and Epsom salts. Her work is referred to as “planned chaos” as the textures from these materials create a magical feel within organic parameters.

The Morphing of Art at De Zeven

Stellenbosch Art Route

As in nature, De Zeven’s slow metamorphosis continues throughout the year. It is reflected through the artwork, which gradually changes and welcomes new seasons, new artists, and fresh perspectives. Much like your stay with us, which will never seem the same, although the five-star experience will always remain.