For hikers and mountain bikers

At De Zeven, you can walk or ride directly from the guesthouse onto hiking and mountain biking trails that lead all over the valley.

Nature is never more present or accessible than when it’s right on your doorstep. At De Zeven, we consider ourselves incredibly fortunate to have hiking and mountain biking trails leading off directly from the guesthouse itself, where avid outdoorsmen and women can walk, hike, run and cycle along approximately 80 kilometres (49.7 miles) throughout the Banhoek Valley and the mountains surrounding it. Back at De Zeven, we have storage and hose facilities for all your gear and equipment.

We will happily direct you to routes for all ages and levels of fitness. Or you can follow these links for more info and access to trail maps:

Boschendal Mountain Biking Trails       Banhoek Conservancy Trails

Bartinney Road Trail          Banhoek Trails on